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Wikipedia definitions of Common Web Terms | Seattle Web Promotion – David Anders

Wikipedia is a user-generated and user-edited resource that provides information on a vast array of topics.  When constructing your Local Web Presence Structure I believe it is wise to read the definitions of the terms you will run into.

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Search Engine Optimization Journal – a blog about SEO | Seattle Web Promotion

Search Engine Optimization Journal

3 Common Link Building Mistakes
It may seem like a relatively simple process, but it is incredibly important that you take a strictly white hat approach to your link building.

3 Tips for Starting Your Social Media Marketing
The point is that just about everyone knows they need to get a social media marketing campaign under way, but many are still a little fuzzy on the hard details.

Blog Posts to Read for August 11, 2011
Below you will find our favorite blog posts that are related to SEO, search engine marketing and social media marketing from this past week.

SEO Video Lesson -Tips for Launching a Social Media Marketing Campaign
If you are looking to develop a social media marketing strategy, here are a few essential tips to help you get off on the right foot.


Seems to be a good resource.
David Anders, The Computer Guy, Seattle

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Claim Your Google Places Business Listing Links – Seattle Web Promotion

A simple list of links of mainly blog posts urging you to claim your Google Places Business Listing.

The Google Search was a simple “claim your google places business listing”.

Google Places and subpages were #1 thru #4

How To Claim Your Google Place, and Why You Should   July 20, 2011

Claim Your Business Listing on Google Places for Better Local Search Results

Google Places: How to claim your local business listings YouTube

How To Claim Your Google Places Page For Your Local Business   May 23, 2011

Ten Advantages of Google Places For Your Business   Feb 6, 2011

How to Claim Your Google Places Local Business Listing    Apr 12, 2011
Today, more than one in five searches are local and your business is impacted by customers searching the internet ….

Those are the results from the first page of the Google Search.

These are my blogs where I am using ScribeFire to post this
The Seattle Web Promotion online identity was started Aug 1st and is intended to be the example used when I sell my services.
The blogs are at



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Google Search – it can do more than you think – Seattle Web Promotion

You can learn alot by looking at Google’s Search Features Page

They also have videos about search on Youtube.

Google’s Channel‏ – YouTube

Google Search Options‏ – YouTube

Google social search feature‏ – YouTube

Google Social Search Update‏ – YouTube

Google Music Search Feature‏ – YouTube

Inside Search Event  1 hour  Jun 14, 2011

Google Search with Instant Pages

Search Out Loud with Voice Search

Introducing Voice Search for your computer

Search by Image

Google Images with sorting

Google Public Data Explorer

Live Transit Updates in Google Maps

Google Advisor  (financial comparisons)

Collected and Posted with Scribefire on Firefox on a Macintosh  Aug 3rd, 2011
Posted to WordPress, Blogspot, Posterous, and Tumblr blogs.
Seattle Web Promotion, David Anders, The Computer Guy, Seattle


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Google submit your content – Industry Technology/Internet Links Firefox and Scribefire

Google provides overviews and howto’s for types of businesses, this is a sample.

Industry: Technology/Internet

Google speaks your language
Technology companies – from computer hardware and software firms to electronics manufacturers to Internet destination sites – face an increasingly competitive marketplace. When people look for your company’s products and services, make sure they find you. Share your product listings and reviews, publicize your blog, get your website indexed — everything you need to increase your exposure online to reach as many customers as possible.


Google can get your content in front of people—free
We’ve found that technology/Internet businesses often have some of the content below. Click each content type to learn how you can use Google’s services to promote your content.

  Website: Make sure your website is included in Google Web Search and is easily accessible to Google.
  Business Information: Add or update your business information on our location-based services.
  Events: Advertise upcoming webinars and events.
  Gadgets: Build branded mini-applications to deliver news and information to websites and desktops worldwide.
  Product Listings: List all of your products for sale.
  Product Reviews: Give your customers a chance to learn more about your products.
  Blogs: Give your business a voice, and let your customers know what’s going on right now.
  RSS: Instantly deliver your latest content to customers whenever you update your website.

See all the content you can share with Google »

Seattle Web Promotion  has four blogs, currently. Scribefire and Firefox are used to post snippets of webpages.

You can judge the accuracy of the posting on each of the above blogs.

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How To Disable Google’s Personalization Of Search Results

How To Disable Google’s Personalization Of Search Results

It’s never been a secret that Google uses your personal information (web history and browser data) by default to personalize your search results. Basically what it means is that what you see for some Google searches is (slightly) different from what other people see for the same searches.
You may like the feature (but want to switch it off for some searches) or you may want to disable it completely – it’s up to you and your purposes.

Help articles › Managing and using Google products › Web History › Basics
Web History offers you more relevant search results and recommendations based on your web activity, providing you with a more personalized experience on Google.
To access your Web History, visit

[My Web History seems to go back to Jan 2006]

Turning off search history personalization

Google sometimes customizes your search results based on your past search activity on Google. This customization includes searches you’ve done and results you’ve clicked. Since personalized search treats signed-in and signed-out users differently, the instructions for turning off search history personalization are a little different in each case.

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